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It's a clear June day, and the New York sun is peeking in from between your blinds, luminous in the area and revitalizing the room with a remarkably relaxing glow. Or it could be that it's the night before an early trip, and your neighbor's indecently intense backyard lamps are effectively filtered out by your closed curtains, allowing you to rest wonderfully. In either situation, your blinds and window treatments are your saving grace. When you’re searching for new blinds and window treatments, there's an array of significant factors you need to ponder on; how much light you need to allow into the space, the amount of secrecy the area calls for, the possibility that any light allowed in will fall on any materials that can be faded by UV rays, heating concerns in the winter and cooling concerns in the hot months, how routinely you'll want to cover or uncover the window, and the way that the blinds or curtains fit with your theme. We understand it's a great deal of information to think about and to decide on, which is why we want to lend a hand. For a spacious back room window that you frequently keep open to let in some fresh air, you'll need an entirely different product for covering it than for a bedroom window that you open in the morning for a breeze but close for privacy when the sun sets. Lima Carpet Corp. of Avon, New York has choices for every room and window's special needs. From the translucent curtains for the bathroom window that must allow light in but protect your privacy, to the vertical blinds in front of your sliding glass doors, Lima Carpet Corp. has all of the things you need. For advice on which window covering is suitable, set up an appointment for one of our in-home consultations. Reach us at (585) 226-2180, email us at Lima Carpet Corp. or drop by our store at 2474 Lakeville Road. Lima Carpet Corp. is your superior supplier for blinds and window treatments in Avon, New York.




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